Friday, 2 December 2016

Learning Dynamo: 'Dynamo Thoughts' YouTube Videos

Interested in learning Dynamo? Bill Debevc (from the BIM Thoughts podcast) and Ian Siegel (voice of this Dynamo course) have started a YouTube channel titled 'Dynamo Thoughts'.

This from their 'about' page....
"DynamoThoughts is a new concept in video learning, instead of the usual "sit and watch" videos, DynamoThoughts format is different. Ian takes program suggestions from you and me. He then figures out how to program our suggestions in Dynamo. Now comes the exciting part, I watch and learn from Ian. Then I do it again from scratch learning, making and correcting mistakes as I go. We think this is an excellent way to learn, even something as complex as Dynamo."

You can visit 'Dynamo Thoughts' HERE and subscribe. 

'Dynamo Thoughts' YouTube Videos

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