Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ironman Revit

Some days Revit just doesn't work for you. Then you get a reality check and are shown what can be achieved with a whole lot know-how, a LOT of hours and a significant amount of persistence!

This morning, that reality check came in the form of Ironman. You can head over to 'Revit Swat' to see how it was done. Impressive! 

Image: Courtesy Revit Swat Blog

Many of us have seen it before, but we can't talk about complex Revit modelling without referring to Marcello Sgambelluri's Revit Elephant. This thing isn't just a rigid model, oh no, its parametric! 

You can find more information about this crazy elephant at Buildz blog. You will also find a stop motion animation of it moving!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Australasian Revit Technology Conference 2015

I am going! Are you?! The Australasian Revit Technology Conference on May 14 -16. 

I can't wait, very much looking forward to this year, as last year I was only able to attend the one day in Melbourne. This year though, I am up to the Gold Coast for 3 days to absorb as much as I can about what the latest news and techniques are in Revit & Building Information Modelling. 

If you haven't registered yet, its not too late. Registrations close on May 8. The schedule has also been updated as of late last week. Quite a number of changes as a matter of fact and some repeat classes too, probably due to popularity and a lengthy waiting list. 

I'll be sure to give a report when I get back on some of my favourite sessions. 

Latest on Revit 2016

Blogs listing everything new about Revit 2016 has been much slower this year. Not sure why? Maybe because there wasn't many updates reported by Autodesk on release? 

Well, its turning out to be a 'hide and seek' affair. Steve at Revit Oped has been posting a number of blogs lately finding all sorts of hidden items not initially mentioned by Autodesk. So head on over to his blog for some of the latest...

You can find more sources of information at 'What Revit Wants'. There are even some videos here.