Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Exclusive Dimension Choice in Revit

I was dimensioning a recent project in Revit today and I was wishing away again. 

When dimensioning, in the options bar, we have the ability to prioritise our selection using the drop down menu. Our choices are; wall faces, wall centreline, faces of core, centre of core. 

This is only a priority selection though, not an exclusive one. I wish in the options bar next to the drop menu you could check to make that an exclusive selection, that way, no matter where you hover your cursor over the wall, you can only select that choice. 

I find it annoying that having chosen to dimension to 'face of core' that my cursor still picks up wall faces. When you have walls with layers of plasterboard and I am dimensioning setout, the layers of plasterboard are of no concern to me. It is the framing that I am interested in. I just think this would be a nice feature to improve productivity and reduce error. Less zooming & my middle mouse wheel would last longer too! 

A trip to AUGI wish list is in order!  

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Browser Sorting, View Templates & Dependent Views.

*Updated 19th September, 2017. 
The following issue has been resolved after testing in Revit 2018.1. 

In Revit 2015, I have a view list sorted by a custom parameter we use for our Project browser sorting. All the views are sorted by there intended sheet series. ie: 100 Series Plans, 200 Series RCP etc etc. 

Some of the plans have dependent views. (We'll come back to this point shortly)

The other day I went through the process of renaming the 'sorting parameter' due to project scope changing. Fairly simple process as most views have view templates so I simply updated the parameter and all the views reconfigured themselves under the correct browser sorting names. ie: '100 Series Plans' changed to '1000 Series GA Plans'

BUT... when i went to the schedule view list which sorts by this parameter, I noticed some views were still using previous sorting names. eg: '100 Series Plans' was still being used by some views, even though the heading did not appear in the Project browser! I realised the culprit views were infact the dependent views! 

The parent view had the correct sorting name displayed as assigned by the view template, but this did not update the dependent views.

Parent View - Correct!                                      Dependent View -  Incorrect! 

This seems to occur because the dependent views were created after a view template was assigned to the parent view. Therefore the dependent view takes the same information. If you create a dependent view first, then assign the view template to the parent view, the dependent view doesn't update the sorting parameter.

This is quirky little thing, but there is a problem because the only way it appears you can fix this is to remove the view template from the dependent view, then manually update the parameter to the correct sorting title information, then reapply the view template. This is the only way I have managed to rectify what my schedule view list is displaying and to truly remove the old sorting names from the project. 

I'll keep you posted if I find a solution!