Thursday, 15 December 2016

Insight 360 - Known Glitch with 2017.1 Update

**Updated 17/12/2016
In October the Insight 360 team at Autodesk wrote a post about the recent 2017.1 Revit update. (Read the blog post HERE)As part of the update, the Insight 360 panel received an update in its appearance, upgrading to the 'Energy Optimization' panel, as well as a few other changes to streamline the tool set. 
The update means that if you have Revit 2017.1, you no longer need to install the Insight 360 plugin separately. 
Image Courtesy Autodesk

Unfortunately, when I upgraded to Revit 2017.1, my Insight 360 panel did not update... <Insert sad face>

After some back and forth at the Autodesk forums and a few others chiming in and reporting the same issue Autodesk took a look at the problem. So far they have drawn a link between the Microsoft Windows Region & Language settings (no I am not kidding) and the failed panel update.

Reports from the Autodesk forum boys/girls suggest that if you have U.K. language settings set on your PC when installing 2017.1, you may experience problems. 
If you need a quick fix, the solution is to uninstall Revit 2017, change Windows language settings to U.S. and reinstall Revit 2017 and 2017.1 update. 

I will post an update when a hotfix is released.

**I spoke a moment too soon. Woke up this morning with a message saying a hotfix has been released yesterday. I have installed the hotfix and it has fixed the issue for me, so I now see the new energy optimization panel, great! 
This is a link to the hotfix on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. 

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