Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Revit: Display Model (Can't believe it's not butter)

I discovered something today that has been starting me in the face this whole time & I never saw it. 

I was reading a post on a forum and noticed mention of the 'Display Model' parameter as a solution to the individuals problem. This is a graphics property that is available for most views. I asked myself, what is that? So I went to investigate. 
I created a 1:10 callout of the model I was working on and added some detail components. I then went to the properties of the view and changed the 'Display Model' property to 'Half tone'! That's when I had my moment. 

"No Way!" I felt like a kid with a new toy! 

I have been mimicking this property behaviour via use of a filter for a while now. This has worked fine, but this property is so much easier! You can turn off the model completely too when you are finished overlaying 2D detail, by selecting 'Do not display' leaving only datum objects, such as levels and grids and my detail items. Fantastic! Detailing just got even better!