Sunday, 21 December 2014

Revit R2 Update - View Reference Search Missing

The recent Revit R2 update gave us the ability to quickly find the content you need by way of a new search feature in the Type Selector or in drop-down lists. It is also available when using the 'Reference other view' feature for callouts, sections & details. To use it you can click the Type Selector or a value field in the properties palette and enter keywords to search.

Interestingly though, this feature is not available when using the 'View Reference' tool. Another example of an unfinished tool? Fingers crossed its due for completion in coming updates!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Best Practices for Better Revit Performance

July issue of AUGI had an interesting article on Revit performance earlier this year. It recently popped up on Architizer website. Some useful tips, so if your looking to improve your Revit performance, here is the link

HP & Case took a look into Revit performance using HP's performance advisor tools & Case through the auditing of BIM models, these were the results. 

Link to AUGI