Sunday, 8 October 2017

More Revit Ideas...

I recently updated 'My Revit Ideas' with a couple of ideas that have bugged me about Revit for a while now. I was surprised I couldn't find any similar ideas, so I posted them. 

Two in particular have had steady voting since I posted them, so I thought it might be worth mentioning them here and perhaps give them an extra boost! 

'Create Similar' for Symbolic & Model Lines (in families)
Make 'Create Similar' functionality available in families for Symbolic & Model Lines. 

View Name Bold under Sheet Names (when activated)
View Names (when activated) should be 
bold text under sheets as well. 

Other ideas... 
Area Scheme displayed in Area Schedules
To be able to easily identify which Area Scheme an Area Schedule belongs to.

'Place an Image' Button (for previously loaded images)
We need a 'Place Image' button somewhere within the UI. 
We currently cannot place an image previously loaded into the project unless we find the image first and copy.