Saturday, 16 April 2016

Upgrade Information for Revit 2017

Revit 2017 is looking good to me. There is some welcomed functionality and features that is enough to convince me to upgrade fairly soon and that's not including the further improved performance for Revit 2017. 

However, with each new version comes a section in the Help Menu 'Upgrade Information for Revit 20xx'. I feel it is a section of the Help Menu that is often overlooked prior to upgrading. For 2015, there were 3 fairly harmless items in this list and last year there was only 1 relating to filters. 
The list for Revit 2017 warrants your attention, in my opinion, more so than previous years.

For Revit 2017 the items noted by Autodesk that may be affected are: 
 > Text
 > Toposurface
 > Keynotes
 > Railings
 > Structural Connections
 > Render Settings
 > Family Categories for MEP fabrication
 > Revit.ini changes. 

So I would recommend completing the necessary testing before upgrading projects and I certainly wouldn't be upgrading anything that has a deadline nearing, but hopefully that goes without saying. 

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