Sunday, 10 April 2016

Parts & Colour Schemes

The 'Parts' tools in Revit are a great asset. Since their introduction, I have read a lot about them in the positive. I find this is mainly due to them being fairly versatile compared to other tools in Revit and it is the main reason I like to use them for interior materials & finishes scheduling. 

A student of mine recently discovered Colour Schemes won't work on plans showing parts. I am not entirely sure if this is a glitch or not, but there is a very simple fix.
By default, a
ll views are assigned 'Show Original' for the 'Parts Visibility' property. When we create parts, Revit automatically defaults the 'Parts Visibility' property for the view to 'Show Parts' instead. When this is activated, colour schemes won't show in areas where parts are being used. 
As you can see below, the rooms on the right are displaying colour schemes, as this floor has not been edited with parts. The rooms on the left have been edited and the colour scheme won't show.

I mentioned the possibility of a glitch, because when I select the floor on the left, we can actually see the colours from the colour scheme behind the divided parts. 

Regardless, the fix is to change the property for 'Parts Visibility' to 'Show Both'. You will now be able to see the Parts created and the colour scheme used. 

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