Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Revit 2017

*UPDATE* - 15/04/2016
Steve Stafford has done a great job outlining many of the new updates for 2017 at Revit OpEd. So head on over to get the latest on what I mentioned previously and lots, lots more. Thanks Steve!! 

The release of Revit 2017 appears to have commenced... The Autodesk Help menu online is giving us some information here... 

After going through the content contained at the Help menu link above, here is some of what I have seen or read about so far: (To be confirmed when something more official from Autodesk is released!)
  • Depth Cueing - Control how elements that are farther away from the viewer display in section & elevation views.
  • Text Enhancements - A new 'Edit text' contextual ribbon includes paragraphing & list improvements, indents & convert upper/lower case controls. (See below for more on text notes)
  • Calculating Values for Schedules & Annotation Tags - You can include calculated parameters in tags.
  • Combine Parameters in a Schedule - Combine two or more parameters to display in a single cell of a schedule. eg: Combine the Height & Width parameters to display [Height x Width] instead of two separate columns. 
  • You can Add Subcategories to Reference Planes - It was demonstrated in families.
  • Hosted Railings - You can now sketch a path and host railings on the face floors, slabs, slab edge, walls or roofs.
  • RFA to FormIt Converter - Do you use FormIt? You can now convert your existing Revit library. 
  • Stairs has now been included as a category for In-place families.
  • Autodesk Raytracer is the only rendering engine now available.   
  • Dynamo is included in the Revit 2017 installation. It will appear on the Manage ribbon.  
  • Manage links - Additional options will be available when using worksharing. Users can unload links locally only. 
  • View Templates for Schedules and Assemblies. 

More on Text Notes. This has been extracted from the Help Menu:

The text editor has been enhanced to add text notes directly in canvas. During editing, text displays in the correct font and style. Other text editor improvements include the following:

- For quick access, new contextual text editing tools are available in the ribbon.
- All text is visible while editing.
- Text wraps, scales, and scrolls as you expect.
- You can zoom and pan while editing a text note. The zoom scale does not affect text wrapping.
- You can enter unnumbered or non-bulleted text in lists by pressing Shift+Enter. 
- You can specify the text editor to display an opaque background and a border when editing a note. This option allows you to better see the text while typing over complex drawings.

I will update this post as more information is released. 

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