Friday, 20 June 2014

Revisions and a little chuckle.

I am just in the middle of using Revit 2015, preparing some revisions. I stopped and had a little chuckle to myself. To think, that in 2014 we were still clicking furiously like mad people with too much coffee in our veins, trying to keep those cloud arcs small and somewhat consistent. 

Now in 2015 I draw a square and Bob's your uncle. I bet you just had a little chuckle to yourself too! 

So if you aren't aware, revisions came in for a minor make over in Revit 2015. We have the ability to draw revision clouds much the same as the regular sketching we do in Revit, with the same sketch tools. Lines, squares, circles, they are all there now. 

In the revision dialog we also have some control over the size of the random arc length pattern created. We can delete entire revisions now too. You will need to untick them as 'issued' though, before your allowed to delete them. 

It's the little things life. Oh and if you are curious, yes, revisions created in 2014 and upgraded to 2015 will take on the new changes, so you can update the arc length of revisions created in 2014 and delete them as well. Phew! 

Now, back to clouding... 

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