Sunday, 15 June 2014

Properties Palette Behaviour. Modifying the Revit INI file.

I recently came across, probably one of the most subtle, yet coolest changes in Revit I have discovered so far this year. What's even more amazing is, its been available since 2014! 

I came across this discovery at Revit Op Ed posted by Steve Stafford. You can visit the post here

In summary, when we make changes in the properties palette, we move our cursor off the palette and changes apply. A simple change to the Revit ini file, allows us to modify this behaviour. We can still apply changes moving our cursor off the palette, but we have to click on the screen now. Fantastic! No more floating cursor making changes to early and the best bit, that scroll bar no longer resetting itself mid change! 

Thanks to Steve Stafford and Aaron Maller for sharing this one! 

Add the line DisableMppAutoApply=1, under [User Interface].

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