Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Creating a Helix form in Revit

In Revit we don’t yet have a helix tool. To create a helix in Revit requires a series of steps. They are though, easy steps. So let us go ahead and create a helix in Revit. To do so we will need…

•           1 Reference line
•           1 Arc
•           2 Circles
•           Solid form tool (blend technique)
•           Copy tool
•           Rotate tool.

The following video will put it all together for us…


  1. Hi. You need to make your video public, otherwise people can't see it.

    1. Hi Exor, thanks for the reminder, the video was recently uploaded to another account, forgot to re-tick public. Hope it helps. This video is a few years old now, you may also want to look into Dynamo to help you with this type of geometry.


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