Friday, 4 July 2014

A Few Favourite Revit Apps

If you haven’t visited the Autodesk Exchange yet, I would recommend you go and check it out now..... wait... read this first, then go look.  

The site is full of many useful apps / Add-Ins for Revit that will enhance your user experience and make day to day tasks that little easier. You will find a quick link to the site by clicking on this icon in the top right of your interface.... 

So what are a few of my favourites? Well first off, for those of you on subscription, I would recommend downloading Autodesk's Revit e-transmit. Just like AutoCAD's E-transmit, it will take your Revit model and prepare the files into one folder to send off to consultants. 

They have enhanced the 2015 version by a giving us some additional options to remove sheets & views, disabling worksets and including additional files. 

Now if your like me and not satisfied with the default window tiling in Revit, then checkout Palladio X BIM WindowsLayout by acadGraph. This 5 Star app lets you tile windows in a variety of different layouts and dedicate up to 80% of the screen real estate to the active window, spreading the remaining windows in the available space. You can also save and restore your configurations. We are now waiting for an update to 2015 and it couldn't come soon enough.

Next up Detail Filter by GSA, Inc. This is a powerful tool allowing you to filter in greater detail. You can filter by category, Family, Family Type & even Parts. A must have for the little bit extra from your filter tool. The interface won't win awards anytime soon but it gets the job done. 

Coins Auto Section Box is my most recent discovery. This one even comes with a YouTube short clip outlining this great apps very neat features. The YouTube video says it all but essentially you can make a selection of any object or combination of objects in your Revit model, hit the Auto section box button and it will automatically create a section box around that particular selection. You can even assign a shortcut to make this a very powerful tool. 

What I like most about this tool is there is no need to fumble about with a very long list of views when using the 'orient to view' tools on the view cube. Now, you just click and go, couldn't be simpler. 

Lastly (for this post anyway) but certainly not least is CASE Apps. You can visit their website at Now these guys have too many apps to mention, some free and some paid apps, however I will mention two favourites (and free!). 
Check out 'Change & Replace Linestyles'. I like this one as it has made my job of managing the additional non-standard line styles that enter a project that much easier to manage. 
The other is 'Delete sheets, views & Revit links'. Very easy tool to use and a very fast way to clean up your model before sending it to consultants. If you have Revit e-transmit though, you may not feel the need for this one but I still think its worth a look at just for its simplicity (and its free).

Just a select few valuable add-ins that make life that little bit easier. 

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