Sunday, 17 December 2017

Hide Categories in View Using a Shortcut

Quick tip: Do you always turn off categories in views via the Visibility Graphics? Why not use a shortcut instead?

When we select a component in Revit, we can right click for 'Hide in View' with 3 options available: Elements, Category & Filter

Now, most seasoned users will tell you, 'Hide in View > Element' is full of problems (which I agree with), so if you are using this method a lot, I would recommend learning some better methods. For me, the main problem with this method of hiding is you can't add it to a View Template. 

The next option however is more useful. This is Hide in View > Category. Using this method, is actually the same as going into your Visibility Graphics and un-ticking the box. 

This is why, when a view template is active on a view, this method of hiding is greyed out. 

There is a shortcut assigned to this right click menu combination too! VH = Hide in View>Hide Category. I find this most handy for 3D views, which don't always have view templates assigned. Simply select multiple components on various categories, hit [VH] on your keyboard, and your done! 

If you want the reverse, activate your 'Reveal Hidden Elements' window, select your components and hit [VU] for Unhide Category. 

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