Monday, 16 January 2017

Revit Callouts - 'Far Clip Setting'

Do you ever adjust the callout view depth? Did know you could? 
When you create a section, we can adjust the view extents, that is, how far the section or elevation view looks into the model. When the 'Far Clipping' parameter is set to 'Clip with line' or 'Clip without line', we can pull the visible arrows to adjust this depth. In the section below, the 'Far Clipping Offset' parameter indicates 8000mm

When you create a callout in one of these sections, the callout uses the same clip offset as the parent view by default. In the properties of the view, the 'Clip Offset Settings' indicates 'Same as parent view'.

The problem is sometimes your callout will look at elements you do not wish to see in your detail, model components in the foreground that are not relevant.
If you change the 'Far Clip Settings' to 'Independent', you can change the 'Far Clip Offset' value. In our plan, the door is 3000mm from our section marker, so anything less than this will ensure we don't see our door in the foreground.

In this example, the callout 'Far Clip Offset' is set to 1000mm. As you can see the view difference is clear (no pun intended), clearer views, less linework, no need to hide unnecessary model elements, better documentation. Enjoy easy detailing! 

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