Monday, 9 January 2017

Learning Dynamo - Online Handouts & Video Courses

There are plenty of places to start learning Dynamo. Early last year I posted about the Dynamo training course I completed at by Ian Siegel and just last month spoke of 'Dynamo thoughts' by Bill Devevc & Ian Siegel on YouTube. 

Well, if you are starting off 2017 keen on learning Dynamo, there are a few more places you can visit. 
Paul F. Aubin created a great handout for his Autodesk University 2016 presentation. 'Code Blocks Not Required - Dynamo for the Rest of Us'. It's aimed at beginners and starts with a break down of the interface and the basics of nodes & wires. The online class at Autodesk University can be seen here along with class materials to go with the handout.

Late last year new video courses became available at 'Pluralsight' an online training platform. Some regular contributors at the DynamoBIM forum at the Revit Forum have published some videos for beginners to intermediates. 
I haven't had a chance to go through all of these yet, but the support these guys provide on the forums is really good, so I have no doubt the videos will be helpful for beginners & intermediates. 

The Dynamo Primer introduction at is also a good place to start. You will find more resources here too. 

I regularly visit the forum & Revit Forum where everyone is always keen to help you solve any problems you may be having with your graphs!

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