Monday, 28 March 2016

Number of Revisions on Your Titleblock

There was a question on the community forum recently asking how to show only the last 3 revisions in a revision table on your titleblock. This is certainly a good one to know, so I thought I would demonstrate the steps here.

As the project moves through milestones, we ultimately need to issue drawings to the relevant consultants and various clients to seek approval and or comments for changes & coordination. Sometimes, the number of revisions can get lengthy. In Revit we mark sheets with revisions using the Revisions tool found under the 'View Ribbon' on the 'Sheet Composition' panel.

For the purpose of this example, I have created 6no. revisions for the project.

By default, when inserting a revision table into your titleblock, it is set to 'variable', meaning the size of the schedule will be controlled by how many revisions there are. In my mock example, we see the 6 revisions showing on my titleblock, A to F. 

If there were 10 revisions, it would show all 10. However, what if your limited for space on your titleblock? What if you only want to see for example, the last 3 revisions on the table?

Start by editing your titleblock family. Select the revision table in the family and edit the appearance. You are looking for 'Height' and by default it is set to 'Variable'. Change this to 'User defined' and click OK. 

Now, when you select the revision table in the family, you will have a control point you can move up and down. In this example, I have reduced the revision table to 3 rows high. Save & Load the titleblock back into your project. 

You will now notice in my example that the revision table on my titleblock is only showing the last 3 revisions D, E & F. 

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