Wednesday, 23 March 2016


This week I reached over 3000 site visits!! As I write this, we are currently at 3014!! 

A HUGE THANKS to all my readers and friends who support this blog! It's nice to know I am writing about things that users find helpful! I had to look it up when I wrote my first post, it dates back to June 2014, not that long ago. I started this blog because I wanted somewhere I could record everything I was learning about Revit & the technology that impacts our industry.

Before creating Revit Link, I took notes in a digital 'Revit Bible' (it was a word doc on dropbox) that had years worth of notes, troubleshooting explanations and thoughts I had about Revit & documentation workflows. It was a digital upgrade of my previous AutoCAD bible! (An A5 notepad I kept on my desk at work).

They were my go to references when training or just trying to remember something myself. Then as more and more of my friends started using Revit and I started teaching at University, I realised life would be much easier if it was all online for others to see! (I still have my Revit bible for bits and pieces, although now I use Evernote).

I didn't post often to begin with, old habits I guess, which makes this milestone even greater for me personally, as a massive 75% of those site visits have come in only the past 7 months! With many visits a month now, I will do my best to keep bringing you new discoveries & the basic fundamentals about Revit! 

Thanks again for reading!! 

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