Thursday, 21 January 2016

Using the 'CTRL' Key in Revit

The ‘CTRL’ key on your keyboard can be a very useful tool in Revit. One of the first things we learn is how to use the CTRL & SHIFT keys to add or minus from selections.

You can also use the CTRL key to temporarily toggle option bar choices when using various modify tools in Revit.

For example, when using the align tool, you will notice in the options bar ‘multiple align’. If we were to tick this, Revit would remember this choice for the next time you were to use the tool, and if you didn’t want to 'multiple align' again, you would have to once more, untick this next time you used the tool. Instead, you can temporarily activate this option by holding down the CTRL key while using the tool. This will avoid your choice being saved to memory during your session.

This also works for other modify tools that have a ‘copy’ option, such as offset, rotate & mirror.  

A nice little trick for smoother operation while using Revit.

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