Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Photo by Cameron SpencerCity of Sydney
Happy New Year everyone!!! Are you excited?! I sure am…. super excited! Why you may ask? Well if you’re at all into technology & communication then you may have noticed 2016 is shaping up to be the year of some really exciting technology, including virtual & augmented reality. Both Oculus Rift & Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets are scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2016. 
Microsoft latest demonstration of the HoloLens is very cool and the gaming community must surely be on the edge of their seats.

We are only 9 days into the year and already we have had our first major technology show with The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently taking place in Las Vegas which show cased some very cool tech coming to the market.

Let’s not forget about drones either. The end of 2015 saw an explosion of drones onto the market of all shapes and sizes and capabilities (you may have got one for Christmas!) & 2016 should be no different. I myself plan on making my first purchase of one of these nifty tools.

What will I be bringing you this year on Revit Link I hear you asking? Well in Australia, it is Summer at the moment, so whilst I spent a bit of time at the beach over the break, I have also been busy exploring various software packages including Lumion, Autodesk’s Showcase, Vray for Revit(Beta), a few new Revit add-ons and of course Dynamo! I have also finally gotten around to watching a few Autodesk University presentations that have been on my list.  

For me though, using Dynamo to complete practical tasks in Revit will be top of the list and I will keep you in the loop as I learn more about this seemingly simple, yet complex coding world.

Another thing I will be focusing more on is the theme “Revit tools repurposed”. Before the end of last year, I posted about the structure ribbon and the structural beam system tool being used to create decked floors. Well I will continue to explore tools on the other discipline ribbons because the great thing about Revit is that tools may be designed for one thing, but nothing is stopping you from repurposing these tools for your own benefits.

My love of a good add-on is no secret, having posted about it a few times now, so I will leave you with this final thought to kick off 2016…

Think of Revit as your base operating system, much like your mobile phone. Your phone off the shelf is great, but what really makes it a productive tool is the countless apps you install on your device, right? Well Revit is no different. To really get the best out of it, you need to add to it (installing add-ons/Dynamo/Macros). Only then, will you start to get Revit working just how you want it & begin to see the real productive power behind this 3D modelling tool.

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