Sunday, 3 September 2017

Revit Roadmap Update (+ Updates to my Revit Ideas)

A few days ago Autodesk posted an update to the Revit Roadmap, some minor changes, but this latest one seems to just promote how many ideas they implemented into Revit 2018.1. (They have also relocated the roadmap to the Revit Blog). To go with this, it seems, Autodesk did some spring cleaning of the Revit Ideas as well.

The downside, a few of my Revit Ideas and ones I have supported and really wanted to see implemented, have been archived. Damn. 

If you are interested, a few months ago I gathered many of Revit ideas into one location so I could keep better track of them. I have updated the post here... 'My Revit Ideas'

The Revit Ideas forum has slowly grown out of control. It was good to begin with, as major problems users have been complaining about for years were generally posted first and got the votes they needed to put Autodesk into action (for some anyway). Although, that being said, some ideas I have supported, also recently got put in the "blackhole bin" (aka archvied). 

This idea relating to materials and wall sweeps, which has been complained about since 2009 (as far as I could find) has been culled and more surprisingly this idea relating to edit profiles via the type properties has also been binned. Not even marked as future consideration? I don't get it, Autodesk just gave us a subtle improvement to stairs in Revit 2017.1, and you can now access the properties of the top rail via the stair type properties. So wouldn't access to the type properties of profiles, which are within so many Revit components, be the next logical improvement?

Unfortunately, at this point, there are more ideas being assigned as 'archived' than any other status.

Meanwhile... 162 votes and counting... 

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