Thursday, 11 May 2017

What's New in FormIt - v16.0

Autodesk FormIt v16.0 was released last month. The update is a big one with some significant updates to the material editor & performance improvements. You can now import DWG files too. 

Visit to get the latest update and read more about new features. 

I would also recommend watching episode 24 of FormIt Friday which covers some of these new features. One thing to also note is when you create a formIt file, instead of an RVT file being created in 2015 format (within your A360 account), it will now be created in 2018 format. Don't worry though, because you can still use the FormIt conversion tools if you need a previous version of your FormIt model. 

Oh yes, and you may notice, they have removed the '360' name, so now it is just FormIt. I believe we may see a similar change to the Insight plugin in the future too.  

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