Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Rewind Navigation Tool in Revit

I was reminded of the 'rewind' tool today and with it, learnt something new!

We all navigate 3D models and camera views often throughout the day. One thing that has always caught me out is accidentally orbiting a camera view, forgetting that I would not be able to get back to the view angle I began with...at least I thought. Cue the rewind tool!

The rewind tool allows you to retrieve previous views from the navigation history that is retained for each view opened. The tool saves thumbnails of previous views states as you navigate within the view. 

Where can you find the rewind navigation tool? There are a couple of methods. The first is to look for your Navigation Bar in your model view. It typically docks just below the view cube.

If you cannot see it, ensure you have it turned on via the User Interface button on the View Ribbon.

You can also activate the Navigation Wheel via the built-in shortcut SHIFT+W.

To 'rewind', just hold down the rewind button on the navigation wheel and drag your cursor to the left or right to return your view back to the desired location! Easy!  

Always a good day learning something new!

It is also worth mentioning, you can always lock your 3D views using the 'Save orientation & lock view' via the visual control bar...

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