Thursday, 22 September 2016

Curved Forms in Revit - 'Update to Face'

In my last blog I wrote about creating curved forms in Revit using massing tools. I demonstrated one method I use, the technique of lofting
As mentioned in that post, once you have completed your mass form, you can add model components to the faces to build up your conceptual model.
What if you want to change the form though? Well Revit takes care of that with the 'Update to Face' tool. 
Update your massing form as desired, then click finish. Now select the components that are no longer matching the new form and from the contextual ribbon, click 'Update to Face'. 
If the changes aren't too far from the original, Revit should have no problem doing this. I do come across limitations though if I depart too far from the original form. Also, if you dissolve the form and add new profiles, the components will lose their association with the surface and 'Update to Face' won't work. This doesn't often bother me too much though as it is easy to just reapply the components. 

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