Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Revit Structural Connection Families 'No Matches'

The structural connection families in Revit 2017 aren't playing nice. There is a thread running on the Autodesk forum at the moment HERE, highlighting the issue. 

The problem appears to be with the component list from the type selector. Structural connection families appear in this list amongst other components in the project such as trees & desks. However, if a structural connection was the last component you placed, then when you go to select a new family later, the list displays 'No Matches'.

At the moment, the only way to fix this, is to select a component other than a steel connection family, right click and select 'Create Similar'. It will now display all the components in the list. 

As long as a Steel Connection family was not the last component you placed, you will not notice this problem. 

It seems this has been reported*, so this will either be in Service pack 1, which I hear is due very soon or we will have to wait for SP2 for a fix. 

I have demonstrated the problem in the following video. 

*Update: Autodesk have setup the following Knowledge Network link HERE.

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