Friday, 19 February 2016

Revit Start-up

There are things I wish I could set as default in Revit. Popular ones such as text justification settings and option bar settings to various modify tools come to mind. Having to reset these preferences everyday can be annoying, especially when you are modelling away and have to pause to fix a setting that is constantly reset every time you open Revit. 

So I decided to incorporate a few things into my start-up routine each morning. There are only 4 things on the list, but it makes for a smoother, uninterrupted run in my day. 

I start Revit every morning and these are the first things I do before I start my work:
  1. Check my workset (You should do this throughout the day as well)
  2. Place some text and set the leader justification for 'top right'. (Unfortunately the default is bottom right. Top left is always fine, but if you're like me and justify your leaders to the 'top right', for notes that are on the left side of your details, then this one can be annoying to fix)
  3. Use the copy command and tick 'multiple' in the options bar. This will set it as multiple for the rest of the day. 
  4. Drag the properties divider to the left. (I have my properties palette setup on my second screen. The palette is quite wide and by default, Revit divides this evenly. I want to see the properties in full so I drag it to the left so I can read & type in the palette in full).
That's it, takes me less than 30 seconds and it sets me up nicely for the days work ahead. 

Is there anything in Revit you wish you could set as default?

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