Saturday, 12 December 2015

Revit Text Leaders (Wishlist)

Updates to the text editor in Revit has been a long standing wish. These days though, it is seen to be more of a long standing joke. (At a recent RTC event, the Autodesk rep even made a joke of it in his own presentation, while the audience laughed through gritted teeth). 

Do a search query on 'Revit Text Editor' and you're bound to come across a whole heap of discussion on the subject (99% of it is complaints aimed at Autodesk). 

Whilst I am just another Revit user with the same wish, there is one element to text and arrow leaders that is continually on my annoyance list....text leader elbows. 

When you create a text string with an arrow pointing at something you may create an elbow in that text leader. The problem though is when you want to move the text, say to justify or bring text further or closer to the detail, the leader elbow moves too! And it shouldn't!!! Then you have to go back, grab the elbow and slide it back to 90°.

When you move text up & down, the elbow moves as the line between the elbow and the arrow gets longer and shorter. Now if only they could translate that between the elbow and text for left and right movement. 

My (wishful) prediction for text editor updates in Revit is 2018..... hey, I did say wishful!

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