Saturday, 14 February 2015

Managing Revit Callouts with Crop Region Breaks

In Revit we can create callouts in most view types. In Architecture, when we create these callouts they may be larger than required. We have the ability to apply crop view breaks by clicking the break symbol on the crop region boundary, breaking the view in two. This keeps the detail smaller and shows only the critical areas. 

However, this creates problems for us when documenting as we wish to see the whole view while detailing and only crop for the sheet. It would be nice if there was a temporary expand on views with breaks. This would save us having to reset the view each time. 

There is an easier way though. The use of dependent views work extremely well in these instances. The main view has the crop break applied and put on a sheet as desired. Crop boundaries are not affected by dependent views, meaning we can have two different crop regions setup. So the dependent view enables us to detail in the whole view while keeping the view (with the crop region break) on the sheet intact. 

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